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Our tool grinding machine replace artificially grinding tool into the trend of The Times

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     Speaking of portable drill milling cutters grinding machine popular reasons, ZhaoChangMing played such a parable: human beings invented the mechanical traffic tools, once had, now left out of town and people are willing to walk or ride? Similarly, once used to use bit \ milling cutters grinding machine grinding drilling \ milling cutters would anyone with manual to grinding milling cutter bit \? One can not only for enterprise reduced production costs, also can solve headache for the boss, and personnel problem machinery several businesses will refuse?

     With domestic production technology and quality of ascension that manufacturers use equipment and tools, precision also increasing the original manual polishing technology as the era of transformation, the fault caused by grinding technology, unit price expensive bit \ milling cutters repeat utilization rate drop, virtually is causing great tool to increased costs, these phenomena in many advanced countries already appear, and domestic similar phenomenon also 11 "surfaced", many enterprises to obtain grinding tool bosses at the specialized talented person, ChongZi mining and detain, but still abounds the phenomenon, causing the loss of talented people working efficiency is reduced, production progress slows down. These serious problems reflect a bit \ milling cutters grinding machine in the whole market demand of sex, existence, epidemic.

     And portable drills, mills grinding machine together experts intelligence, reflect light, simple, rapid, accurate design theory, basically meet the relevant requirements of the manufacturer of the now, also solve various enterprises, companies and manufacturers old total in cost, time and efficiency, quality problems. Machines replaced human is the result of the industrial revolution, but also the inevitability of industrial modernization. Now, we will also be so so. Drills, mills grinding machine grinding tool replace artificially grinding tool is the trend of The Times, this also explains drills, mills grinding machine market is limitless, especially in domestic this burgeoning development period, it is a wonderful opportunity to occupy market.

     With global opinion, now China market has become increasingly and the international community, the whole continent hardware manufacturing obviously felt the gap with foreign counterparts, pressure, and unceasing increase in production export growth of continued at the same time, need the production factories to go high quality route, so they had to strict adherence to traditions "fine" this piece. Action rapid major manufacturers also has started to start preparing, then based on past habits, there will be a lot of small manufacturer to follow suit. For this situation, the domestic market has failed to meet the most of the products of high quality, customer demand, and high precision accuracy portable drills, mills grinding machine just fill the vacancy.

     A, at present on market sales carry drills, mills grinding machine, the grinding the drills, mills concentricity after high precision can reach 0.01 mm, global alone accuracy 旡 two, belong to the world advanced level, its high technical content, not easy imitation, does not have the advantage of being replaced by.

    Second, for the sake of product, and high precision accuracy after a long time, still use precision products used high quality, the high cost of materials production, so low failure rate and high accuracy.

    Three, the design of the product conforms to the human nature needs, that is, accord with the market demand, the operation is simple, fast features allow users can quickly handcuffed and everyone can very 軽 pursuing grinded a root exceeds the precise drills, mills.

    Four, product market demand have namely market development, drills, mills grinding machine will be future production indispensable good helper, sales market popularity, is acting products necessary considering of the elements.

    After five, sold products will be permanent profit. This product is not a one-time products, but only equipped with the special machine for grinding wheel that is portable grinding machine is one of the core part of advanced technology, if change for other grinding wheel, accuracy will absolutely no guarantee, and grinding wheel is a kind of consumables, need not change regularly

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