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The storage and use tools

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   1, grinding wheel's actual use shall not exceed predetermined under the provisions of the table

   2, grinding wheel before installation should check the wheel speed marker, then see if any crack and damage, and need to undertake strength test.

   3, grinding wheel in the installation is completed, must be in the case, a shield for no less than five minutes, only in the idling that the strength of the grinding wheel have reliable to begin to work.

   4, banned the use of grinding wheel binders undermine the role of cooling fluid.

   5, handling grinding wheel, want to prevent violent vibration and impact.

   6, according to different size and shape wheel should be placed on the shelf and boxes respectively within.

   7, grinding wheel should be stored prevent moisture, the cold.

   8, resin-bonded grinding wheel storage period shall not exceed one year, such as extended must strict inspection quality problem, confirm, can use

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