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Copper fund GangShi circular saw blades manufacture technology

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     Diamond sawing is cutting granite, marble, concrete, fire-proof material, glass, ceramics, pavement, the graphite electrode etc. Nonmetal materials with sharp specialized tools, famous for wear-resisting For nearly a decade with the rapid development of domestic building materials industry, domestic stone processing of emerald circular saw blades demand increases rapidly. Manufacturing diamond circular saw blades of the key technology of chemical composition is serrated, and corresponding preparation process.

     Copper fund GangShi circular saw blades innovation characteristics is to take cheap copper, nickel replace expensive cobalt, first developed in the world of copper alloy tire body diamond saw blades, the copper service life of GangShi sawblade fund meet or exceed the cost of GangShi saw blades, cobalt funds than cobalt fund GangShi sawblade reduce 40%. This technology can according to different areas of stone material performance, developed a suitable for different granite hardness of diamond metallutgy.

     The project began to be developed from the early 1990s, began in 1996, 1997 trial production batch of mass production. The technology already through science and technology commission in 1997, its technological achievements appraisal mathematical model of control force of international initiative. This development project for provincial light industrial technology progress, and are recommended to special-class award in 1998 the provincial science and technology progress prize in national 95 "key science promotion project.

     Copper fund GangShi circular saw blades manufacturing process using substrate and diamond cutter welding or suppression and into. Advanced production technology, strict quality control, make quality beyond domestic products, cost less than domestic products, significant competitive advantage.

     According to this technology produces the product has the following characteristics: cutting with high efficiency, energy consumption is low; JuKou is bright and clean, saving material. Accord with national building materials GongYeJu frequency cloth JC340-83 standards; Substrate to within a circular aperture to beat GB1184-80 "with shape and position tolerances of magnitude 7 provisions of tolerance.

     Its main technical indices: product specification: Φ 100-500MM, service life: 20mm thick standard stone, cut 1,000 meters above wear 0.18 mm

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