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China launched "diamond tool industry TuWeiZhan" United States

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    With China's enterprise more and more deeply into the international economic arena, international economic frictions and disputes of also increases. Although American federation of diamond saw blade production enterprises to American government, South Korea filed two countries for the diamond sawing the anti-dumping and components, but so far unresolved for Shanghai stone industry associations, and other intermediary institutions in the first time organization since robbed of jiangsu, zhejiang, Shanghai dozens of Chinese enterprises, three to deal with the us antidumping pressure, and mechanical and electronic import and export Chambers of commerce in China, Chinese stone material industrial association and other related organizations, in the full study based on U.S. indictment, find out the case the breach. At present, China industry already hired sino-us legal and accounting, and actively responding anti-dumping experts try to win of the Chinese government and the support of U.S. partners. At present already off to a spearhead of commerce. American diamond saw blade production enterprise confederation prepare eight months, raising $1.2 million on May 3, submitted to the American government in China, South Korea and components in diamond sawing the anti-dumping application. As of May 31, China is already the U.S. prosecution from the original enterprise May 3rd 23 home when up to 53 home, including jiangsu, zhejiang, Shanghai enterprise 60%, with illegal money $26 million. China diamond saw blade production enterprise is the cause of their American counterparts prosecution: American firms think that low-cost imports from China already cause of diamond circular saw blades on American domestic industry substantial damage. The United States quoted the customs statistics sources, said the two countries, South Korea's exports to the United States diamond circular saw blades from 2002 870 million increase to the 2004 46,657 million, causing the United States to enterprise fails to enjoy the benefits of construction industry boom, instead of U.S. companies can compress the profit space, cause home 1 enterprise bankruptcy, many enterprises market share narrowed, their American counterparts caught by "steel and energy costs and product prices falling embarrassing position". On May 3, 2005, the international trade commission received U.S. producers in the so-called "in China, because the United States anti-dumping" apply to the United States international trade commission diamond sawblade manufacturers association ShenSuZhuang "whether to have submitted the necessary industry support" doubt, hence decided to extend questionnaire single, collecting relevant industrial support information, embark on "damage" investigation, questionnaire recovery on May 25, already submitted by complete. A source says the us international trade committee is expected to "damage" held recently about the first hearing problems on June 17 will make preliminary ruling. Diamond circular saw blades has become China's export international tool market's flagship product, domestic numerous enterprises and some listed company ambitious, the production line in preparation in the two years to put into production, the United States if the implementation of the "anti-dumping", for the enterprise is undoubtedly preoccupied. According to the Shanghai stone industry association secretary-general dr FanLinGen introduced, the global diamond saw blade production since 2000 mass shift to Asia, China enterprise production of products mainly facing ZhongDiDuan market. According to us statistics, from 2003 to 2004, China lost 20 diamond circular saw blades quantity annulus beautiful increase in more than 30%. To this, the United States the prosecution presented litigation material seems very is confidently, says our products are exported to USA price far below the normal cost, dumping of 298.39%, namely the United States customs for Chinese products if 39% of how levy 298. Tariff, just not for dumping. China's involved or not, and if not responding enterprise involved in the future, the product exports to the United States by anti-dumping case ruling the highest tax rate after taxes. For American counterparts wishful "count your chickens before they hatch," dr FanLinGen refute, China products shall be determined according to the cost of computing is factors of production, such as working hours, raw material consumption, energy consumption, etc TiDaiGuo (this case selection multiplied by the unit price reflects Indian) real production cost, plus fixed convert the management expenses, profit, etc. As a developing country, China's artificially and material cost advantages are obvious, simply does not exist in the so-called "dumping the myth of 298.39%".


    At present, the diamond saw blades are become China's emerging export growth point, normally, investment of diamond materials and set of high-grade production equipment need to millions of yuan blades of funds, the domestic numerous enterprises and some listed company ambitious, have or are planning on production line, tries new production in the two years. The United States such as finally decided to this product implementation anti-dumping measures in a certain extent, will stifle just rising China diamond tool industry development, aiming to those who export market business is ready to do something, like eye. China industry thrown in response to U.S. anti-dumping case "is preliminary already" consensus, industry association's leading enterprises already hired sino-us law and accounting experts litigation-responding, expense may be more than 100 million dollars.

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