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Sawblade for high-grade import description. Grinding

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      At present, there are many saw blades for the market of small factories, lapping manual workshop; Grinding of the blade just anterior horn, serrated simple rough treatment, the blade has changed the original perspective, saws, side Angle after Angle, and tooth room there is no processing conditions, polishing, after its processing is simply not true the products detection, calibration, etc.

According to customer reflects our grinding fees taller; Grinding is longer wait for a circumstance, do an illustration, introduce our grinding process flow and testing technology, and related technical standard etc.

   A. when we received customer's need, the first after lapping blade, establish the customer product folder, put all the blades in the warm water 50 degrees Celsius soak 30 minutes, then cleaning, derusting, except that preliminary intuitive handling adhesive, the inspection obvious flaw cannot again grinding products, after cleaning good customers Numbers, mark directly on return but zone, stay after completion to grinding product mailed to customers together.

   B. and then used for Angle qianbanbiao, including tooth test anterior horn; Foot; Side Angle of detection (see whether have crack, missing Angle etc), then put the projector on 50 to 100 times, enlarge to determine the serrated blade Angle and the original wear; Such as tooth missing Angle is lesser, we can appropriate amount to improve the grinding, reduce customers' production cost.

   C. if alloy, the need to change gear with Germany KAHNY automatic brazing machine for tooth exchange operations.

   D. then saw blades stress calibration, this step is grinding sawblade critical processes; Needed by very experienced technician to complete in high-speed operation blades in external process, because, under the action of the stress has blade has changed, so it appeared saw road greatens; Rough surface etc. Phenomenon; Our stress adjustment in 2 times above all requirements; If can correction in standard range (refers to Japan and the production technical standard room saw blades, then into within next procedure, conversely, we will and customer contact, consult customer comments, such customer requirements, we are for precision lapping grinding, however, we might be in after the completion of the package, attach blade specific data that the deviation of the blades, etc. Our grinding first is to use Japan imports on diamond wheel granularity of 200 coarse grinding, next reoccupy 600 grit grinding wheel for precision grinding.

   E. The next step is the vibration rate after the check, qualified by B paces again make final inspection processes, and fully qualified after delivery area, work orders placed on to finish the whole grinding process business

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