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Alloy blades were industry

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     A, alloy circular saw blades when many factors in the grinding to be ignored

     1. The matrix deformation big, thickness not consistent, inner pore tolerance is big, the matrix congenital defect problems, no matter use that type of equipment, there are grinding error. Matrix deformation of two side Angle large produces deviation, substrate inner hole diameter jump to produces deviation; After inconsistent base thickness of blade Angle and anterior horn are produces deviation, if there are cumulative work too poor quality and precision blades have been affected.

     2. Gear grinding machine structure on the grinding of gears influence, alloy circular saw blades gear grinding machine structure and assembly quality lies in the market now about class type: one kind is Germany's vision, which float type by vertical grinding machine, the advantages all adopt hydraulic steplessly movement, all feeding system adopts V type guideway and ball screw work, grinding head or big arm with the feed slow retreat quickly into, recede cutter, clip piece oil cylinder regulation center, a piece flexible reliable, dial the tooth accurate positioning, blades set position center firm automatic aleatoric Angle adjustment, center, reasonable, realize the cooling flush with human-machine interface, grinding accuracy, high pure grinder reasonable design; Second, such as Taiwan is currently horizontal machine, mechanical transmission Japanese existing gear and mechanical clearance coattails "sliding precision is poor, clip piece smoothly, a poor performance piece center adjusting difficulty big, pull teeth institutions or poor reliability, plane after both sides and angles are not in a center around grinding, produce big deviation, Angle difficult to control, abrasion distress ensure accuracy.

     3. When soldering alloy welding factors, for moderate deviation is big, influence, grinding accuracy caused side grinding head pressure big, side after pressure small, also produce the above factors, corner soldering Angle is poor, artificial inevitable factors of grinding wheel, such as when the factors arise unavoidable influence.


     4. Grinding wheel quality and granularity width influence, choose one hour, pay attention to grinding wheel break-in gold particle, particle size too thick grinding wheel grinding wheel trace, produced chosen fine granularity easily blocked grinding quantity is little, easy to burn knife. Grinding wheel diameter and thickness is according to the width of length of size or not alloy tooth shape and alloy each face up, not a corner after corner like norms or before grinding can be, can be arbitrary grinding different serrate type, must have targeted to choose suitable for specifications grinding wheel.

     5. Grinding head into to speed grinding, alloy blades or fully determined in grinding head into relevant to speed, the general alloy circular saw blades into to speed 6 mm/SEC cannot speeding this value, namely every minute should be in 20 teeth every minute, within 20 teeth at the feeding speed is too big, can have serious sarcoma or burn alloy wheel sword produced affect concavo-convex surface grinding gears precision, waste the wheel.


     6. Grinding head feeding, choose grinding wheel granularity is extremely important to feed amount significance, general grinding wheel the proposal chooses 180 # to 240 # extremely quantity choose 240 # to 280 #, do not grant to choose 280 # to 320 #, or to adjust the feeding speed.

     7. Grinding center, all saw blades for the center with grinding the matrix, not a knife as the center, plane grinding center after take not to come out, the anterior horn horns, with processing center cannot grind a saw blades, grinding three process should not be neglected in blade center. Grinding side Angle was still careful observation of alloy thickness, thickness different grinding center change, no matter how thickness, grinding alloy wheel with flanking centerline should keep welding bits in a straight line, or produce Angle cutting greatly affected.

     8. Dial the tooth institutions can not be ignored any gear grinding machine no matter how and, dial the tooth structure design involves coordinate accuracy grinder, made in adjustable unit dial quality of gear tooth surface pressure in the needle, not reasonable position of mobile is also and key and withdrew tooth, dial the tooth claw to be flexible and reliable.


     9. Clip piece structure: clip piece structure fatigue solid stable and reliable, and the main parts is sharpening quality, any sharpening your piece structure not any loose, no side grinding of gears deviation serious abuse.


     10. Grinding trip, regardless of any part of the grinding sawblade grinding head grinding trip is very important, general requirements than 1 mm grinding work or quit 1 millimeter advisable, or to other tooth influence.


     11. Program choices: sharpening general equipment is rough and fine, grinding three different programs for choice, depending on the degree of product requirements choice, finally grinding Angle suggest using fine grinding process.


     12. Cooling fluid grinding teeth grinding fluid or runoff is determined, grinding, produced a great deal of tungsten when emery wheel powder, cobalt not timely flush tool surface and cleaning the grinding wheel blowhole, cause surface grinding tool cannot grinded finish, no cools enough will burn alloys.

     Second, alloy circular saw blades blade geometry parameters selection

     Cutter geometrical parameters include those aspects: A, two side Angle (or plane), lateral horns before side Angle, ShangCe Angle and lientang Angle, lower side Angle. B and back Angle after blade Angle, metal cutting and chamfering, after the piece still have single oblique pour bevel. C, the anterior horn, blade Angle between them before, according to different design for cutting surface design. Two side Angle cutting, with actual vice general consider cutting straight blade and cooling, want to consider to consider cutting fixed. General Angle in 0.75 ° - 1 °, not suitable for design Angle is excessive, the cutting edge after Lord, such as design big sharp but not wear-resisting, influence tool rigidity and cooling, its in 15 ° Angle should be after 18 ° Angle blade design point break easily cutting strength too for 9 ° decline, general °, 11 with anterior horn metal cutting, wood cutting bar feeders, thin materials are ChaWu, but existing design to Angle before playing a very big role, heat before cutting edge horns for row, greater perspective row cut the better, but when cutting, cutting some lose trimming significance. Anyhow tool design full of intricate, but it is the improvement of the machining quality, efficiency, reduce cost the most effective way.

     Three, alloy substrate material circular saw blades species

     1. 65Mn spring steel elasticity and plasticity well, materials, heat treatment, economic its quench-hardening ability the heated low temperature, changeful form can be used for cutting is not high sawblade in 150 °, heating temperatures when rapid response. The stress

     2. Contains carbon carbon tool high thermal conductivity rate is high, but suffer 200 ° - 250 ° temperature dropped sharply the hardness and wear resistance, heat treatment deformation is big, poor, tempering its quench-hardening ability long easy to crack. For tool manufacturing economy T8A, T10A, materials such as T12A etc.

     3. Alloy steel and carbon steel, heat-resistant, compared with good abrasion resistance, dealing with good performance, heat distortion temperature in 300 ° - 400 ° appropriate manufacturing high-grade alloy circular saw blades.


     4. Its quench-hardening ability, high speed steel has good hardness and strong rigidity, heat-resistant deformation of extra high strength steel, less suitable for manufacturing high-grade thermoplastic stability, ultra-thin saw blades.


     Four, China's current saw industry quality how to improve alloy circular saw blades wear-resisting degree and precision to help market competition force

China saw industry over the past decade rapidly towards the world is beyond dispute, major factors:


     1. China has a cheap labor and cheap commodity market.

     2. China electric tools near ten years rapid development.

     3. China open for more than twenty years, industrial growth such as furniture, lu: xingcai products, building materials, plastic, electronic industries synchronous led the world, the industrial revolution brought us infinite opportunity, China saw the owner to produce and export foreign domestic market and electric tools auxiliary market is given priority to, the cake in the world saw industry of China occupies more than 80% market basic each year, more than 100 million yuan RMB, because of our quality is not high, so foreign businessmen aggressive export cause saws industry sales but profits are little, with no industry association for spelling, and cause their market price, leaving many companies ignore confusion to strengthen hardware, improve the technology and process, product to high sharp direction, of course, also some saw industry in recent years to the development of high middle-grade product consciousness of the scores, foreign each brand products enterprise last year to these enterprise custom-made gradually (OEM), individual enterprise from the beginning years later will surely is China has quite quality, brand products and well-known enterprise.

     Our industrial and JinYuan sawblade long-term rely on imports, each year China market sales nearly reached RMB 30 billion sales value, almost to sharp invincible, blue zhi, le guest, yu hong, Israel, and room, small teeth lang, dozens of imported brand holds the Chinese market 90% share, they see the Chinese market, too, a part of the enterprise shall be axed already in China, although guangdong and part of investment in domestic enterprise well aware, also has started in a few years earlier, some enterprise product r&d and production has reached foreign enterprise quality, editor as a more than twenty years ago from introducing alloy of China sales to China in enough production research alloy saw blades for ten years see China enterprises such as woodworking machinery, metal industry, building materials, electronics, furniture, plastics etc enterprise with import brand product, we can't help but be we saw industry crying, editor recently in 2008 woodworking machinery exhibition unfold and the 2008 national hardware exhibition, further investigation understand China's saw industry development is hopeful, domestic enterprises equipment and hardware more mature, breed more and more, system saw technology consciousness is more and more high, although the Wolf was coming, with our Chinese of smart will, I believe that our joint efforts China saw a certain quality risen heritage.

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