Zhejiang Wanli Tools Group Co., Ltd, founded in 1994, mainly produces wood tools series products, gradually enlarges products categories in the developing process. The predecessor is Hangzhou Zhijiang Tools Works. Recently, it mainly produces diamond saw blade series, wood tools series and plastic manufacturing series products. In it, wood tool product capability ranks the national top and there are 21 brands achieved the patent products of independent intellectual property. (Diamond saw blade belongs to high and new technological products and achieved EU export permission---MPA Certification, and the product lines have passed the certification of ISO9001 Quality System and the certification of ISO14001Envionmental Management System.)
     At present, we possess 3 product districts with the occupation area of 125.5mu(1mu=667m2), construction area of 45000 m2, staff number of 1500, sorts of special technicians of 175. Since we have possessed self-business import & export rights, the foreign exchange we earned increased steadily and we have been ranked into the electromechanical export base in 14th batch, and set up particular foreign trade current agency---Zhejiang Wanli Import & Export Co., Ltd. We positively participate in state-owned enterprise innovation, seek for capital operation and enlarging, and reformed Hangzhou Cereals, Oils & Foodstuffs, Native Produce & Animal By-Products I/E Co., Ltd In the year of 2005, the company realized business income of 1682million yuan, complemented export delivery value of 16615.5million yuan, self-business export amount of 196.5 million dollars and realized plan income 1.8 billion yuan, export foreign exchange 170million dollars in this year as well as tax 100million yuan planed in the year of 2006.
    The “Eleventh-five-year-plan” developing plan and goal of the company are mainly oriented in the following 4 aspects:
    1. according to the innovative trend of national foreign trade regime and the developing trend of extroversive economy after joint to WTO, adjust product structure further and enlarge the constructive force of foreign trade product base, striving to reach 1.68 billion yuan of company income until the end of “Eleventh-five-year-plan”(In it, self-business and produced products contained one third, that is at the end of the “Eleventh-five-year-plan”, 25% increases to 33% and the industrial product value reaches 0.5billion yuan.). We planed that in “Eleventh-five-year-plan” periods the investment used in the technological innovation and product enlarging and purchasing, reforming production inside the group will be 0.2 billion yuan.
    2. Combined by the city developing process of Binjiang District, swiftly utilize earth capital. Under the support of the government, we planed that settled all the present produce lines to Chenghe Industrial Park during the “eleventh five-year-plan” period, (occupied about 150mu), and reformed the present workshop area to the third industry base, striving to put into operation 2 or 3 the third industries at the end of the “eleventh-five-year-plan” period with the annual income of 0.2 billion yuan. We strive to realize “Production in park area; headquarter in city area”, planed to invest 0.15 billion yuan for this project.
    3. We will continuously adhere for the brand strategy and endeavor for finally realizing our factory products entering into the international market; and strive to decrease the wood tools label sales rate below 70% at the end of the “eleventh-five-year-plan” as well as establish at least one marketing window for the self brand selling in European and North American markets.
    4. Continuously enforce enterprise management, and the enterprise cohesion force, deepen modern enterprise regime innovation, striving to regulate the capital stock structure at the end of “eleventh-five-year-plan” period.